Suggested Tools for Physicians

The PowermicII is a handheld microphone and is designed specifically for speech recognition. When
used with Dragon Medical Practice Edition, it is possible to achieve high levels of integration between
buttons on the PowermicII and your software. The PowermicII allows you to use preconfigured buttons
for certain commands and works as a speaker, microphone and mouse, all of which contribute to
physician enhancing physician productivity.

Ideal Workflow: The PowermicII is ideal for use when the dictating clinician will be working on a
desktop computer. Although the PowermicII can be used on a laptop, it is not ideal because of its long

The Buddy Desktop features Noise cancellation, USB plug, configurable microphone buttons, built in
trackball and stereo speaker. The Buddy Desktop is programmable and once it is programmed it retains

Ideal Workflow: This microphone works best for doctors who want to dictate hands free and don’t
want to carry any tools around.

Allows doctors to dictate wirelessly and hands free. Can also be used to manage calls from your PC and
your mobile. The Savi Go features noise cancelling for speech clarity.

Ideal Workflow: This hands-free wireless microphone works best for doctors who want a small,
lightweight, wireless microphone for use with a laptop or tablet with desire mobility while dicating using
their notes using Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

The Stylus MIC7G features noise cancellation, configurable microphone buttons, On/Off function in
Dragon, buttons pre-programmed to navigate fields in the DMPE. Once programmed, the Stylus MIC7G
will retain it configuration.

Ideal Workflow: The Stylus MIC7G is designed specifically for use with a tablet PC and Dragon Medical
Practice Edition. This versatile tool can be used as a tablet pen as well as a microphone. The Stylus
MIC7 G is Practical, compact and portable.